Do any of the following apply to you?

You show up three hours late to your own wedding, apparently stoned out of your mind.

Your passport has an unidentifiable stamped glyph (and the ink is glowing).

You dream of surveillance devices implanted in your teeth.

Your butt hurts, and you don't know why.

Of course not. (I hope.)

It's always someone else who's got an otherworldly excuse for not showing up. You're too coordinated to get on the wrong plane. You floss. You've never particularly been a fan of anal probes (not that there's anything wrong with that).

But you'd love to meet the Aliens anyway.

Why the heck don't they ever abduct the people who would be GLAD to help them out?

They don't know who you are - and that's where comes in.

Sign up with us. Just send an email to scoutship at and we'll keep your address handy. If the Visitors ever arrive (which we aren't guaranteeing will ever happen), they will certainly be talented enough to surf the Web. They'll see, and save themselves a stack of trouble by contacting the people who wouldn't mind meeting them in the first place.

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