Frequently Asked Questions

OK, I'm making these up for now. The site's too new to have actually generated any frequent questions. So help me out and send your Q's to ufos at

Q. You want me to send my email address? What are you going to do with it?

A. No addresses or other identifying information you send to will ever be released to anyone other than Verified Extraterrestrial Visitors. Joining the signup list (by emailing scoutship at won't even generate an acknowlegement - assume it went through OK. Mail sent to ufos at will be read by and possibly be responded to by the webmaster.

Aggregate statistics and non-identifying information, such as the number of enlistees, questions and comments for the FAQ, etc. may be disclosed and/or used on this site. The webmaster will contact you for permission if any further divulgence is considered.

You will not receive SPAM as the result of any information sent to

Q. What if I change my mind or someone else signs me up (or I sign someone else up)?

A. The Verified Extraterrestrial Visitors will only be given your information as a initial contact. It's up to you to decline or negotiate any terms of further contact. Note that this eliminates any reason to sign up other people - it just means that they'll get to meet the Aliens too.

Q. What if I get hurt/eaten/impregnated?

A. See the previous question. I suggest that you negotiate carefully, and probably with a good lawyer. Once helps establish your initial contact, you're on your own. bears no responsibility for whatever you get yourself into.

Q. What if I send spam to any address?

A. You will be placed on a very different list which will be given to the Aliens.

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