What's up with this site?

OK, imagine this: you've found a new significant other. You're finally around to meeting the parents. You're all cleaned up and everything's in order when you go up the steps to the front door. The door opens...

... and you go nuts. You start screaming. You run around in circles. You cower in fear. You assume a fetal position on the front lawn.

You wet yourself.

Not off to a very good start, are you?

Are you going to get to a point?

Impatient whippersnappers!

So anyway, here's the point. Someday, maybe, just maybe, the Genuine Extraterrestrial Visitors will arrive. First Contact. Our planet's job interview for a role in the Cosmos.

The ultimate first date and meet-the-parents date, all rolled into one.

What impression will we make? Will we freak out? Or will we be calm, cool and collected (although justifiably excited) about it?

We only get one chance to make a first impression.

And that's what this Abducted by Aliens is about. If They arrive, I want for all of us to be ready. Don't worry, this isn't going to be a cult thing, or a bunch of New Age mumbo jumbo. I have a plan - and this site is the start.

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